Monday, June 4, 2007

My Sunday Afternoon - a Travelog, Maybe??

Before you read any further, I need to warn you that I'm using my laptop to write this - I have a difficult time moving from the keyboard on the PC to the smaller version on this little wonder, so if you see any typos or weird punctuation, I apologize in advance. Between that and the fact that my brain seems to work faster than my fingers, it amounts to a double strike at times.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours at work, paid a visit to our neighbor girl's graduation party and then headed to my favorite fiber shop.

If you've never been to Fiber Wild in Galena, IL you've missed a very nice experience. Amy and her husband are parents to a lovely tabby named Scout who reigns over the whole place. Amy thinks everyone comes in to see the kitty - I'm just as guilty as the next one, but I really enjoy visiting with Amy. I think the reason I enjoy her company so much is that she and I are a lot alike - she's very direct and you always know where you stand with her, she's got a silly love of that which is slightly off-beat, has a ton of knowledge that she willingly shares and best of all, has the absolute best array of yarns, fibers, knitting/crochet/weaving/spinning equipment that I've ever seen or been exposed to. Much of her inventory is from local suppliers and fiber artists. It's so affordable, that the first time I visited, I thought it was a terrific sale - I was mistaken. - it's affordable all the time. I don't generally walk out of there empty-handed, but what I leave with gets used before anythng else. It doesn't end up in a stash, never to be seen or heard from again. OK, the best part is that I can stop on my way to Mom's or on my way home, because it's right on the way.

This sounds a bit like a commercail, doesn't it? Guess you'll have to take it for what its worth - it's nothng more than praise and admiration for someone who has it all together.

Another favorite spot on that particular drive is in Woodbine - a small gift shop right in the heart of this little hiccup in the road. Natural Treasures (I think that's the name of it - I've never really noticed the sign - I just look for the "OPEN" flag to be out front on my way by. The greatest soy candles you've ever smelled - and, of course, she has a kitty - another tabby. She also carries her own honey and products made with it, work by local artists (lampwork jewelry, pottery, paintings) and is - again - silly beyond belief.

I'd love to sit and visit some more, but my battery's down to about 50% and the light outside is starting to go. Although, the nighborhood strays are starting to show up and look for their evening snack, I think it's time to get my own battery re-charged along with that of the laptop.

By the way - I'm down to 10 weeks of work left - 2 1/2 months - I sure wish they'd post my job so I wouldn't feel so guilty leaving. Maybe this week - maybe??

Tomorrow's another day - g'night all... Pictures then.

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