Monday, October 31, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting..... (Sung to the theme from Rawhide)

Since I have to wait for the delivery man with my clay order (that may or may not come today), I figured it was a good time to do some updating. For the record, I'm keeping the 'Rainy Day' background, at least for now. I've grown to like the looks of it - and, I enjoy a soft, gentle, day long rain that creates lots of mud puddles for little kids to splash through. Oh, alright, big kids, too.

There's a kiln full of greenware ready to bisque tomorrow - lots of work that I'm claiming for myself so you can finally see something different in my Etsy mini in the sidebar. Wouldn't that be nice? ;-)

So, would you like a sample of what I listen to? This was sent to me by a good friend some time ago and I'm always amazed at the engineering that went into it. Thanks RJ!!

Understand that I have no idea who this belongs to, but if I've offended anyone or made a faux pas by posting this here, I'll take it down with no complaints.

I can't share it on Facebook, so I'll just link back to it from there. But in the meantime, have a listen for yourself and enjoy! (Boy, do I hope this works.)

Music Extraodinaire