Saturday, June 9, 2007


Due to the increasingly HUGE number of SPAM messages I've been receiving recently, my ISP's guardian has been set more aggressive and is blocking a very large number of them. When checking my quarantined mail, I'm finding that where there used to be just one or two every other month or so I am suddenly receiving hundreds on a daily basis.

Because there are so many and typically, there's maybe - MAYBE - one or two that aren't really SPAM, I've taken to just deleting all of them rather than spending a couple of hours (that I can't really spare) going through them.

So, if you've sent me a message recently and have not received a reply, it's not because I'm ignoring you, it's because I just zapped the whole lot. Resend any messages that didn't get a reply - please. Pass this on to anyone that you think may need to see this - please. Most of all, please, please, PLEASE, be careful how you word the subject line. If it looks like SPAM or if the email address looks suspicious, it will get quarantined.

That's it for today, folks! I'm off to Cambridge, Wisconsin for the annual Pottery Festival and US Pottery Games - I hope to see a couple of suppliers there, and of course touch bases with the exhibitors and drool over all the beautiful work from all over the country - and, of course have one of those huge hot dogs with all the trimmings. Cambridge is the home of Rowe Pottery and I generally take a stroll through the shop, but since the business was sold a couple years ago, it's just not the same.

Today is the day the exhibitors compete in the throwing contests - tomorrow, the high school students get to take over the stage. Hopefully, I'll be able to snag another poster - last year they decided to use picture post cards instead - it was a great disappointment. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they decided to go back to the posters - they contain photos of some incredible work. In any case, it's always fun - and I can usually get a preview of the studio tour here in our area held in October - - now THAT's a blast!

Have a good day, everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know you for your job... In fact not really sure what you do. However, I met you through your wonderful craft and because you are an Artist. I think that is what defines you; being an Artist. Not your job, life is your career! You are bright and wonderful and you will continue to amaze us, just now with more time on your hands, which all of us envy you for!
Have a good one,

Lori said...


Thank you for those kind words - we all go through periods of feeling less than what we are - our surroundings play a very important part in those day-to-day 'getting along' tools.

I'm leaving behind those surroundings that make me feel less than what I am, and even though I try to live by this rule already, it will become even more important in a couple more months:

Life is a work of art,
Created by the one who lives it.

And this one, as well:

Give more, expect less.

These two little quotes are what makes it OK for me to go through each day complete - my personal philosophy.

And, if you don't mind my saying so - you're not too shabby in the art department yourself!!

I'm loving the yarns!!!!!