Monday, April 29, 2013

Shop News!

My goodness - has it really been that long since I've updated this? Well, I've never claimed to be very good at keeping this updated.

BUT, I've been trying to figure out just where I'm going, what direction I've been headed, and given the latest debacle on Etsy, I'm pretty sure I need to spread my wings and start using all those other 'baskets' I've laid claim to over the years.

So, with that in mind, I invite you to take a look at this website - - I've had an account over there for a few years (I always at least save my shop name in a new venue, just in case...), but have recently been adding inventory. You can see it here - - not a lot yet, and it will be a slow transition, but ultimately, I will have this one in addition to the three shops I now occupy on Etsy. Don't worry, I'll add everything to my profile - all the links will be on my Facebook page, too.

When I'm not covered in clay, I find other creative endeavors to keep me occupied. You know I have a thing for spinning fibers - and, knitting - but, did you know that I also enjoy working up my own patterns? Nothing real difficult, but I'm quite please with them.

Small, Reusable Produce Bags with several design options -

'Onion' Bags -

And, SPA Sets! All three patterns include a washcloth, facial scrubbies, bath scrubbies and a bath puffie!

All the above patterns can be found on both or

That's all for today - the sun is shining, rain is holding off and it looks like I can do some work in the yard finally!

Be well everyone - here's your thought for today!

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