Thursday, September 8, 2011

Road Trip!!!

It's been almost forever, it seems, that my creative drive has allowed me to sit down and do some writing - that drive has been waning steadily for the last several months and I've finally figured out what part of the problem was.

My birthday road trip did not materialize (for several reasons, but they were valid) - I haven't taken anything resembling a vacation for years and my 'Oomph!!' is just gone. And the untimely and expensive kiln repair this summer didn't help matters any.

I have finished work that needs to be photographed and listed/delivered or shipped to shops, glazed bisque waiting to be high-fired, more clay ready to turn into wonderful work, handmade jewelry components to put together, several baskets/boxes/containers of beads and findings that will ultimately become stitch markers and other 'jewelry' for hand workers, piles and bags of fiber that's ready to spin, spun singles anxious to be plied, completed yarns that need to be washed and finished, knitted hats, scarves and handwarmers anxious to have all those loose ends woven in - but, I'm putting that all aside for the weekend.

Why? Because we're going on a weekend road trip! Yes - really!

I've put the finishing touches on all the produce that has found it's way into my kitchen with just two small batches of pickles that can be finished off this morning. A couple loads of laundry are waiting and some 'groceries' need to be gotten for our wonderful neighbor Dan who will be tending to the furkids and then it's time to get ready to leave in the morning.

Am I excited? You bet! It's been 4 years since I started my 'retirement' and I'm ready to go! So ready, in fact, that I'm forgoing a trip to the annual 3-day, very much looked forward to 'Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival'.

And, hopefully, once we're home and re-energized, I can do something about the lack of a good banner and try to finish redesigning this blog! LOL

Be well, everyone and remember -

We are all weird. Some are just better at hiding it.

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