Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's Official! (yes, I'm trying this again...)

Yesterday was the first day of the month - the first of many yet to come - I received my first real pension check yesterday. It must be real - I must really - after all these months - be retired. I had no idea how good retirement would feel.

So, today after finishing another batch of apple butter (made really, really slow so it's a deep, rich brown, thick and just a little tart) and a small batch of salsa with the last of all those tomatoes I put in this year, I checked my email one last time so I could get on with evening commitments and found my long-awaited invitation to 'Ravelry' - www.ravelry.com - it's a forum for knitting-crochet-fiber people that is by invitation only. I had submitted my interest back in July - last week I was still down about 8,000 and some on the waiting list. Of course, I just had to get right to business and get my 'account' set up.

OK, so I get to checking out the groups and forums and discussions and everything else offered and what do I find, but this wonderful blog - http://www.goodyarnkarma.blogspot.com/ - well, wouldn't you know - I found some yarn that I could maybe trade for some of this sock yarn that seems to have found it's way into my stash.

Did you ever notice how you find one site that really appeals to you, then you click on a link to another and find something else that really interests you, but you see another link to click on and by the time you've spent a couple of hours clicking on those links, you have no idea what you were looking at or for in the first place. I'm retraining myself to NOT click on those extra links. So far, I'm flunking. I'm headed back to Ravelry now so I can finish setting up my account, which I started to do about an hour ago and haven't finished yet, because I've been clicking on those damn links and gotten everywhere but where I need to go. (Wait!! Did I just see a white rabbit hop by?)

It's late again - more tomorrow - there's another huge pot of apples on the stove that needs attention. The last of the apple butter for this year - and, no more salsa or tomato sauce!!!!!

Happiness doesn't come from having things, it comes from having things you can find! :)

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