Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Almost retired!

That's how I'm going to sign my emails at work until the end of this week - 3 days to go!!!!

If you're reading this Jenny, I'm almost ready to devote much of my time to what I enjoy the most - and what I think I do best - making!

I know it's been a good 2 months since I last posted - it's been a very busy, very traumatic time. Life takes it's toll - then it gives back. Sometimes in equal amounts, sometimes more, and rarely less than what it's taken.

In my few free moments I've tried to keep my hands busy. As you can see, I've had expert help from Clyde. He's a very tough critic.

I've come across some incredible fibers - I'm trading some of my llama/angora blend for a tiny bit of alpaca from a nurse friend. She's a very talented spinner and as you can see from the photo, I use spindles as well as the wheel found in my favorite fiber shop. Spindles do have their place, though, in my spinning repertoire - I can take them anywhere because they're quite portable. Right now, I'm concentrating on finding or building a slabroller for my clay work.

I seem to have a strange fascination for things that go round - a good friend and I were discussing that very briefly a couple of weeks ago - I'm not the only one with those tendencies. Fiber artists and potters seem to gravitate to pretty much the same things and interests, it seems.

Several potters on this huge discussion list I subscribe to are also avid knitters. Several of the spindlers on a couple of other lists are very involved in clay work.

I had a dream the other night that woke me with the best laugh I've had in ages - I was spinning yarn with my kickwheel. I can only imagine that it's a possibility - maybe I should try it - well, maybe not. It's an interesting concept, though, don't you think?

Here, let me show you a picture of what my kickwheel looks like -

Not the little electric wheel in the front, but one of those large, mega-weight fellas off the the right of it - that's what I have in my studio. I can't show you mine, because my studio needs a thorough cleaning - as does the wheel - and you wouldn't be able to see it for the clay caked all over it right now. Bad potter!!! Bad, bad potter!!!! Gotta get that studio cleaned!

Really, I don't normally keep my studio and work space in such a mess - time just hasn't been on my side much lately. But, SOON!!!!

For the record, the picture is of the pottery lab at the college - I can only dream of having that much space to work in.

Can you imagine spinning yarn on such a contraption? Can you understand just WHY I woke up laughing so hard? Yeah, I thought so.

Two of my friends asked me today what I was going to do this week-end since my hitch it up as of Friday - my reply was very simple. It's not the week-end that I'm going to start my so-called retirement - week-ends are week-ends! But, come Monday morning, the first thing I'm going to do is (drumroll, please) NOT go to work. THAT's what I'm going to do to start my 'retirement'.

I almost did that this week already. Monday morning, 7 a.m., sitting in the back yard with my coffee and enjoying the hummingbirds and chipmunks and the little shrew that competes with the chippies (and there's also a little bunny coming to visit now) - I suddenly realized that I still had to go to work. Bummer!

This is one of the little hummers that frequent the backyard (what a friend calls my 'sanctuary' - she's right).

I knew hummingbirds are territorial - very social, but very territorial. This little fella chases away the bees that hang around the feeder. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. There are at least 3 hummingbirds that visit each day - each has his (or her) own favorite feeder, and heaven help another that tries to invade that territory! They are, however, so social with people that I can stand within a couple feet of them while feeding (the birds, not me).

I didn't realize how late it's getting to be - I need to be in good shape for tomorrow. I'm not sure just what the boss has planned, but there's been something brewing all week. Lots of smiles and snickers, but no clues. A very large cake appeared last Friday - it was great sharing with my friends and what has become my extended family - in some cases, very close family. But, I'm not sure I'm prepared for what ever is going to occur tomorrow. I'll be surprised no matter what happens - and grateful that the people I've spent so much time with these past years have become the close friends that they are.

Oh, how about a look at the cake? A full sheet - isn't it great?

Time to go - I'll do better about posting - really!!



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