Saturday, February 10, 2007


The date is February 10th. I've been hearing reports of robin sightings all week long. I didn't expect to see the two trees in my back yard, however, filled with robins and starlings this morning.

I have two lovely flowering crab trees in the back - each spring, they wear heavy cloaks of white and deep pink that leave behind multitudes of berries. As the seasons progress from summer to fall to winter these small, red delicacies provide food for the birds and squirrels that have no choice but to remain in our frozen Midwest.

The best view of these trees is from my kitchen window - I was filling the coffee pot with water for a fresh carafe of my favorite brew and noticed a couple of robins picking what was left of the berries. Soon, a couple more robins arrived to join in the feast. Suddenly, the tree was invaded by so many birds that I couldn't keep count.

Activity from the back porch area scares them off, so I decided not to try and take a picture of them (I'm not the best photographer anyway, so it really isn't a great loss.)

It was wonderful watching my feathered friends after our intense cold spell! Gives me hope that warmer weather will be here soon.

The yellow kitty I took pity on went back outside this morning, too. Oh, I guess I didn't tell you about this lovely guy.

Since mid-summer this mature, yellow cat has been hanging around - very friendly, has a lot to say and is very affectionate. He's apparently familiar with indoor living, because he always tried to dart into the house whenever he was around. I have had no luck in finding his family. If you'll remember, the last couple of weeks, it's been dangerously cold. He showed up on Sunday evening, howling and crying and tearing at the screen on the outside door because he wanted in - imagine that!

So, I opened the door. I had been expecting this - had worried about what would happen to him in that weather, so borrowed a large cage from a friend and gotten it set up - just in case..... Around this house, he's known as Morris - looks just like the original. And, he's been sharing our house for the last week. Today, he decided he wanted to go outside - so, I let him out of the cage and he literally ran to the back door. I'm not sure where he went to after I let him out, but I would bet good money that he'll be back.

Yes, I'm a softie for little animals - can't stand to see these creatures hurt or hungry, so I provide for them whenever I can.

It's been a month since I posted last. I'm back to work, but got very spoiled while I was on leave. Things haven't changed at the college, and in fact, seem to be busier than before.

Because it's been so busy, I haven't really had much of a chance to just stop and think - a problem that I'm going to remedy soon. But, I'll tell you more about that remedy another time.

Stay warm - be well!


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